Warehouse Module

The ERP suite has a comprehensive and sophisticated Warehouse Management Module that contains smart methodologies supporting all warehouse processes, from receiving

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Jewellery Production Module

Generate new Work Order with unique no and new or created sales order for different products manually or automatically when Sales

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Multi Brand Distributor Module

Distributors will have access to real-time information which enables them to take decisions on-the-go and thus optimizing their resources to manage

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Apartment Association module

Apartment management module is a web-based module for various apartment communities, villas and housing societies. This module enables to track income

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Point of Sales Module

Orson POS is a powerful Point of Sale (POS) module to manage all your retail operations in a store or distributor

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Jewellery Retail Shop Module

Orson Jewellery Module for Tally has customized to manage Jewels masters by weight, purity, stone weight, carat variation, Vendor Tag &

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Singapore GST Module

The accounting software facilitates companies meet all tax filing requirements ranging from tax invoice generation to the generation of IAF file

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Singapore Payroll and HR Module

Singapore Payroll and HR Module by Orson is an advance payroll module which fulfilled the standards of payroll Singapore that include

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Fixed Asset Module

The Orson Fixed Assets module provide to manage your assets' financial and tax reporting. Sophisticated depreciation features perform calculations quickly and

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