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You can customise your existing Tally software to work according to the specific requirements of your business. You can get customised reports, documents, data entry screens, or make Tally work with other business applications.

Orson Professional Services drives the success of all projects using its methodology, which sequences the entire project lifecycle into five key and non-overlapping phases: Project Preparation Business Architecting Implementation Preparation for Going Live Go-live and Support To manage your rapidly growing business, you need an enterprise-wide business solution that gives you complete visibility across the organisation and helps you stay in control at all time.

This is there an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution comes in. Traditional ERPs will not do, as they are expensive, complex to implement and demand change in your business practices. The ideal ERP solution is a ‘Now Generation ERP’, which is simple, powerful, easily implementable and highly cost-effective. To succeed as an enterprise BI reporting standard, a solution must: Accommodate thousands of users with ease of affordability without prohibitive software license costs Provide flexible reporting that improves decision-making by a wide range of users Access any enterprise data source

Orson Intelligence has all of the above 3 major points which establishes an enterprise class BI reporting solutions company. Orson Intelligence has a proven track record of delivering efficient BI reporting solutions results for leading enterprises. Our focus is to provide affordable business intelligence reporting for large enterprise.